Highlight Bagan! … or is it a dream?

28 Oct

First of all, let me give credit to my special Italian ties:

Marco Polo said/wrote about Bagan before it was succumbed to its Mongolian conquerors: “The towers are built of fine stone, and one has been covered with gold a finger thick, so that the tower appears to be of solid gold. Another is covered with silver in a similar manner and appears to be made of solid silver. The King of Mien Guo [Myanmar called by the Chinese] caused these towers to be built as a monument to his magnificence and for the benefit of his soul. They make one of the finest sights in the world, being exquisitely finished, splendid and costly. When illuminated by the sun they are especially brilliant and can be seen from the great distance” …  a “gilded city alive with tinkling bells and the swishing sounds of monks robes”

A lot has changed since the 13th century but still today

Bagan is one of the most enchanting places in the world

My first sunset, near the hotel which is right on the archeological site

What you get to see is temples, temples, monasteries ………….. 11th – 13thcentury. Without thousands of temples destroyed in earthquakes there are still so many left you can’t count them, let alone see them all (there are three places to visit: Old Bagan, New Bagan and Nyaung U and there are the Plains, a huge archeological site). Rent a horse cart or a bike. The horse cart has the advantage that the driver takes you right away to the highlights, tells you their names and gives you a short history in his own words.

Example: the Pahtothamya or Thamya Pahto was built during the reign of Kyanzittha around XI – XII Century or maybe by the less known King Taunghthugyi also known as Sawrahan (931 – 964) … inside typical of “pyu” influence … oldest frescoes …..

Now imagine dozens of such explanations, on a medium hot day of 32°C, with your brains getting churned thoroughly during the bumpy cart ride … no wonder all that’s left are the pictures. Just enjoy them, don’t bother about facts and names!

good horse!

… as far as the eye can see … in the back the Ayeyarwady River; problems with the pronunciation? Ok, Irrawady is fine, too

they come in all shapes and sizes

sometimes they resemble each other

big but not without charm

see the Buddha inside

Actually, go and have a look inside the temples

 reminders of the Hindu past

gilded buddha: too big for a normal photo

some statues  are really small

… they all resemble each other …. you never know whether you had already seen it

look outside

climb up the steepest stairs

have a look around

let your feet be the only nude part of the body

don’t forget, these are places of worship after all

That’s all for today

cheers Gerburg


5 Responses to “Highlight Bagan! … or is it a dream?”

  1. Jane Turner October 29, 2012 at 5:24 am #

    Loved my virtual tour – thank you so much for sharing!

    Love Jane

  2. Savina October 29, 2012 at 6:35 pm #

    Le tue belle foto mi fanno rivivere delle emozioni indimenticabili. Mi piace molto il tuo …raccontare. Grazie, Savina

  3. Helen Fahy November 7, 2012 at 11:55 am #

    really enjoyed a peek at all the wonderful sights you have seen. Many thanks Gerburg
    Love ,
    Helen and Sean

  4. Helen Fahy November 7, 2012 at 11:56 am #

    Really enjoyed a peek at all the wonderful sights you have seen. Many thanks Gerburg
    Love ,
    Helen and Sean

  5. Rosy November 11, 2012 at 11:24 am #

    I must have skipped some posts but I will catch up and comment.

    Lovely pics.

    Do Italian know about spaghetti blouses?



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